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Synaptic transmission from the submucosal plexus to the myenteric plexus in Guinea-pig ileum

RL Monro, JC Bornstein, PP Bertrand



Stimulation of the myenteric plexus results in activation of submucosal neurons and dilation of arterioles, one way that motility and secretion can be coupled together. The present study aimed to examine the converse, whether myenteric neurons receive synaptic input from the submucosal plexus (SMP). Intracellular recordings were made from guinea-pig ileal myenteric neurons while the SMP was electrically stimulated. Of the 29 neurons studied (13 S and 16 AH neurons), stimulation of the SMP evoked a synaptic potential in only seven cells, or 24% of neurons. When the SMP was situated oral to the myenteric plexus, 4 of 13 (31%) myenteric neurons had synaptic input. When it was situated circumfer..

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