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The mitochondrial genome sequence of Mus terricolor: Comparison with Mus musculus domesticus and implications for xenomitochondrial mouse modeling

Wendy K Pogozelski, Leah D Fletcher, Carolyn A Cassar, David A Dunn, Ian A Trounce, Carl A Pinkert

GENE | ELSEVIER | Published : 2008


Knowledge of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequence of divergent murine species is critical from both a phylogenetic perspective and in understanding nuclear-mitochondrial interactions, particularly as the latter influences our xenocybrid models of mitochondrial disease. To this end, the sequence of the mitochondrial genome of the murine species Mus terricolor (formerly Mus dunni) is reported and compared with the published sequence for the common laboratory mouse Mus musculus domesticus strain C57BL/6J. These species are of interest because xenomitochondrial cybrid mice were created that harbor M. terricolor mtDNA in a M. m. domesticus nuclear background. Although the total of 1763 nucleoti..

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