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HIV-I infection induces changes in expression of cellular splicing factors that regulate alternative viral splicing and virus production in macrophages

Dinushka Dowling, Somayeh Nasr-Esfahani, Chun H Tan, Kate O'Brien, Jane L Howard, David A Jans, Damian FJ Purcell, C Martin Stoltzfus, Secondo Sonza

RETROVIROLOGY | BMC | Published : 2008


BACKGROUND: Macrophages are important targets and long-lived reservoirs of HIV-1, which are not cleared of infection by currently available treatments. In the primary monocyte-derived macrophage model of infection, replication is initially productive followed by a decline in virion output over ensuing weeks, coincident with a decrease in the levels of the essential viral transactivator protein Tat. We investigated two possible mechanisms in macrophages for regulation of viral replication, which appears to be primarily regulated at the level of tat mRNA: 1) differential mRNA stability, used by cells and some viruses for the rapid regulation of gene expression and 2) control of HIV-1 alternati..

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