Journal article

Advances in molecular and cellular therapies for hearing loss

Michael S Hildebrand, Stephen S Newton, Samuel P Gubbels, Abraham M Sheffield, Amit Kochhar, Michelle G de Silva, Hans-Henrik M Dahl, Scott D Rose, Mark A Behlke, Richard JH Smith



Development of effective therapeutics for hearing loss has proven to be a slow and difficult process, evidenced by the lack of restorative medicines and technologies currently available to the otolaryngologist. In large part this is attributable to the limited regenerative potential in cochlear cells and the secondary degeneration of the cochlear architecture that commonly follows sensorineural hearing impairment. Therapeutic advances have been made using animal models, particularly in regeneration and remodeling of spiral ganglion neurons, which retract and die following hair cell loss. Natural regeneration in avian and reptilian systems provides hope that replacement of hair cells is achie..

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