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Microscopic Organization of the Sperm Storage Tubules in the Oviducal Gland of the Female Gummy Shark (Mustelus antarcticus), With Observations on Sperm Distribution and Storage

Megan T Storrie, Terence I Walker, Laurence J Laurenson, William C Hamlett



Oviducal gland morphology, the microscopic organization of the terminal zone, and sperm storage were described in the female gummy shark (Mustelus antarcticus). Mustelus antarcticus is a nonplacental viviparous hound shark, which displays minimal histotrophy during embryonic development. The animals examined represented all stages of maturity and gestation. The oviducal gland was found to have the same fundamental zonation as in most chondrichthyans. Using recent terminology, the oviducal gland of chondrichthyans has an anterior club zone, followed by a papillary zone, both of which produce jelly that surrounds the egg, a baffle zone that elaborates the tertiary egg envelope and a terminal z..

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