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Determination of dosimetric perturbations caused by aneurysm clip in stereotactic radiosurgery using gel phantoms and EBT-Gafchromic films

M Geso, T Ackerly, S Brown, Z Chua, C He, CJ Wong, CE Powell, A Ho, G Qiao, DH Solomon, W Patterson, JM Droege

MEDICAL PHYSICS | WILEY | Published : 2008


Some radiotherapy patients are treated with titanium surgical aneurysm clips in the radiation field. This is of particular importance for stereotactic radiosurgery brain treatments, where the length of the blade of the clip may be comparable to the size of the radiation field. This study seeks to determine the extent of the dosimetric effects caused by surgical clips in stereotactic radiosurgery, using polyacrylamide gel phantoms and EBT type Gafchromic films. Using gel phantoms scanned with magnetic resonance imaging scanner, dose enhancement of around 20% was noted at distances less than 2 mm away from the clip surface. Gafchromic films showed about 6% variations in the dose up to few mill..

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