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Nanobubbles at the interface between water and a hydrophobic solid.

Xue Hua Zhang, Anthony Quinn, William A Ducker

Langmuir | Published : 2008


A very thin layer (5-80 nm) of gas phase, consisting of discrete bubbles with only about 40 000 molecules, is quite stable at the interface between a hydrophobic solid and water. We prepare this gas phase from either ambient air or from CO(2)(g) through a solvent exchange method reported previously. In this work, we examine the interface using attenuated total internal reflection infrared spectroscopy. The presence of rotational fine structure in the spectrum of CO(2) and D(2)O proves that molecules are present in the gas phase at the interface. The air bubbles are stable for more than 4 days, whereas the CO(2) bubbles are only stable for 1-2 h. We determine the average gas pressure inside t..

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