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The use of pulse oximetry as a screening assessment for paediatric neurogenic dysphagia

AT Morgan, R Omahoney, H Francis



PURPOSE: Early screening and intervention for dysphagia is crucial to offset potential outcomes such as compromised nutrition or reduced respiratory function. Current paediatric dysphagia screening tests are subjective with poor sensitivity and specificity. The present study examined whether an objective method, pulse oximetry (measuring oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels), could differentiate between children with and without dysphagia, in relation to (1) Average pre-feeding baseline SpO2 levels; (2) Average feeding SpO2 levels; (3) Average post-feeding SpO2 levels; and (4) The number of events of oxygen desaturation pre-, during and after feeding. METHODS: Nine participants with chronic neuro..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Thanks to Professor Sheena Reilly, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, for insightful comments during the planning of this study. Thanks to The Children's Trust (TCT), Tadworth, UK for funding the project, and to St Margaret's School and the Speech Language Therapy Department at TCT for assistance in participant recruitment. Most of all, thanks to the families and children who agreed to participate in the project.