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Temporal dynamics of the carbon isotope composition in a Pinus sylvestris stand: from newly assimilated organic carbon to respired carbon dioxide

Naomi Kodama, Romain L Barnard, Yann Salmon, Christopher Weston, Juan Pedro Ferrio, Jutta Holst, Roland A Werner, Matthias Saurer, Heinz Rennenberg, Nina Buchmann, Arthur Gessler

OECOLOGIA | SPRINGER | Published : 2008


The (13)C isotopic signature (C stable isotope ratio; delta(13)C) of CO(2) respired from forest ecosystems and their particular compartments are known to be influenced by temporal changes in environmental conditions affecting C isotope fractionation during photosynthesis. Whereas most studies have assessed temporal variation in delta(13)C of ecosystem-respired CO(2) on a day-to-day scale, not much information is available on its diel dynamics. We investigated environmental and physiological controls over potential temporal changes in delta(13)C of respired CO(2) by following the short-term dynamics of the (13)C signature from newly assimilated organic matter pools in the needles, via phloem-..

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