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Habitat utilisation and movement of black bream Acanthopagrus butcheri (Sparidae) in an Australian estuary

Jeremy S Hindell, Gregory P Jenkins, Brent Womersley



Acoustic telemetry was used to document patterns of movement by black bream Acanthopagrus butcheri (Munro, 1949) throughout Australia's largest estuary, the Gippsland Lakes. Fortyfour fish were surgically implanted with acoustic transmitters and monitored over 12 mo (November 2005 to October 2006). Fish moved throughout the Gippsland Lakes at average rates of 8.7 km d-1 over 12 mo, with some fish moving distances of up to 2600 km. Fish frequently moved among the major estuarine rivers (Tambo, Mitchell and Nicholson rivers), sometimes moving up to 30 km in a day. Fish use of the rivers, river entrances and lakes varied strongly with the time of year. Fish spent more time in the lakes than riv..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was funded by a grant from Fisheries Victoria to J.S.H. J.S.H. thanks B. McKenzie for his assistance driving boats and advice on fisheries ecology in the Gippsland Lakes, and members of the Nicholson Angling Club for their help catching fish for tagging. A. King and J. Koehn provided valuable comments on earlier drafts of the manuscript. The care and use of fish in the present study complies with all relevant local animal welfare laws, guidelines and policies, and the relevant approval for this study was granted through a Department of Primary Industries Animal Ethics Committee,