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Markers for predicting mortality in untreated HIV-infected children in resource-limited settings: a meta-analysis

DM Gibb, Trin Duong, David Dunn, Chifumbe Chintu, Veronica Mulenga, Mark Cotton, Brian Eley, Heather Zar, Jane Ellis, Stephen Graham, Carlo Giaquinto, Maria Nanyonga, Philippe Msellati, Tammy Meyers, Harry Moultrie, Chris Hani, Jorge Pinto, Paul Roux, Ralf Weigel, Claudete Araujo Show all



OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the prognostic value of selected laboratory and growth markers on the short-term risk of mortality in untreated HIV-infected children in resource-limited settings. DESIGN: A meta-analysis of individual longitudinal data on children aged 12 months onwards from 10 studies (nine African, one Brazilian in the 3Cs4kids collaboration). METHODS: The risk of death within 12 months based on age and the most recent measurements of laboratory and growth markers was estimated using Poisson regression models, adjusted for cotrimoxazole prophylaxis use and study effects. RESULTS: A total of 2510 children contributed 357 deaths during 3769 child-years-at-risk, with 81% follow-up occ..

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