Journal article

Left to right: Representational biases for numbers and the effect of visuomotor adaptation

Andrea M Loftus, Michael ER Nicholls, Jason B Mattingley, John L Bradshaw

COGNITION | ELSEVIER | Published : 2008


Adaptation to right-shifting prisms improves left neglect for mental number line bisection. This study examined whether adaptation affects the mental number line in normal participants. Thirty-six participants completed a mental number line task before and after adaptation to either: left-shifting prisms, right-shifting prisms or control spectacles that did not shift the visual scene. Participants viewed number triplets (e.g. 16, 36, 55) and determined whether the numerical distance was greater on the left or right side of the inner number. Participants demonstrated a leftward bias (i.e. overestimated the length occupied by numbers located on the left side of the number line) that was consis..

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