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Soil-atmosphere greenhouse gas exchange in a cool, temperate Eucalyptus delegatensis forest in south-eastern Australia

Benedikt J Fest, Stephen J Livesley, Matthias Droesler, Eva van Gorsel, Stefan K Arndt



Forests are the largest C sink (vegetation and soil) in the terrestrial biosphere and may additionally provide an important soil methane (CH₄) sink, whilst producing little nitrous oxide (N₂O) when nutrients are tightly cycled. In this study, we determine the magnitude and spatial variation of soil-atmosphere N₂O, CH₄ and CO₂ exchange in a Eucalyptus delegatensis forest in New South Wales, Australia, and investigate how the magnitude of the fluxes depends on the presence of N₂-fixing tree species (Acacia dealbata), the proximity of creeks, and changing environmental conditions. Soil trace gas exchange was measured along replicated transects and in forest plots with and without presence of A...

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Linkage

Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant LP0455475 and the Victorian Greenhouse Strategy of the Department of Sustainability and Environment of Victoria. We would like to thank Katherine Whittaker, Christopher Weston, David Griffith and Vanessa Haverd and Matthew Lee for their assistance in both the field and laboratory, and Ray Leuning for his comments in the preparation of this manuscript.