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Pathogenicity and immunogenicity of attenuated, nef-deleted HIV-1 strains in vivo

Paul R Gorry, Dale A McPhee, Erin Verity, Wayne B Dyer, Steven L Wesselingh, Jennifer Learmont, John S Sullivan, Michael Roche, John J Zaunders, Dana Gabuzda, Suzanne M Crowe, John Mills, Sharon R Lewin, Bruce J Brew, Anthony L Cunningham, Melissa J Churchill

RETROVIROLOGY | BMC | Published : 2007


In efforts to develop an effective vaccine, sterilizing immunity to primate lentiviruses has only been achieved by the use of live attenuated viruses carrying major deletions in nef and other accessory genes. Although live attenuated HIV vaccines are unlikely to be developed due to a myriad of safety concerns, opportunities exist to better understand the correlates of immune protection against HIV infection by studying rare cohorts of long-term survivors infected with attenuated, nef-deleted HIV strains such as the Sydney blood bank cohort (SBBC). Here, we review studies of viral evolution, pathogenicity, and immune responses to HIV infection in SBBC members. The studies show that potent, br..

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