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Canopy development and hydraulic function in Eucalyptus tereticornis grown in drought in CO2-enriched atmospheres.

Brian J Atwell, Martin L Henery, Gordon S Rogers, Saman P Seneweera, Marie Treadwell, Jann P Conroy

Functional Plant Biology: an international journal of plant function | Published : 2008


We report on the relationship between growth, partitioning of shoot biomass and hydraulic development of Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm. grown in glasshouses for six months. Close coordination of stem vascular capacity and shoot architecture is vital for survival of eucalypts, especially as developing trees are increasingly subjected to spasmodic droughts and rising atmospheric CO2 levels. Trees were exposed to constant soil moisture deficits in 45 L pots (30-50% below field capacity), while atmospheric CO2 was raised to 700 μL CO2 L-1 in matched glasshouses using a hierarchical, multi-factorial design. Enrichment with CO2 stimulated shoot growth rates for 12-15 weeks in well-watered trees but a..

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