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Attitudes to people with mental disorders: a mental health literacy survey in a rural area of Maharashtra, India

Michelle Kermode, Kathryn Bowen, Shoba Arole, Soumitra Pathare, Anthony F Jorm



INTRODUCTION: People with mental disorders experience discrimination as a consequence of stigmatising attitudes that are largely socio-culturally constructed. Thus, there is a need to understand local contexts in order to develop effective programs to change such attitudes. We undertook a mental health literacy survey in rural Maharashtra, India, prior to developing a mental health training program for village health workers (VHWs) in a primary health care setting. METHODS: A cross-sectional mental health literacy survey was undertaken in late 2007, which involved interviewer-administration of a questionnaire to 240 systematically sampled community members, and 60 purposively sampled VHWs. P..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the following people for their contributions to this study: Dr. Raj Arole for having the vision to incorporate mental health into primary health care; Mr. Ravi Arole for data management; Dr. Kaustubh Joag for technical advice; Professor Helen Herrman for support and encouragement; Mrs Ratna Kamble, Ms Shainaj Khudbuddin Sayyad and Ms Shobha Kulkarni for data collection; and Dr. Ramaswamy Premkumar for assistance with sampling. This study was made possible through the award to Michelle Kermode of an Early Career Research grant from the University of Melbourne.