Journal article

Molecular changes from dysplastic nodule to hepatocellular carcinoma through gene expression profiling

SW Nam, JY Park, A Ramasamy, S Shevade, A Islam, PM Long, CK Park, SE Park, SY Kim, SH Lee, WS Park, NJ Yoo, ET Liu, LD Miller, JY Lee

HEPATOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2005


Progression of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a stepwise process that proceeds from pre-neoplastic lesions--including low-grade dysplastic nodules (LGDNs) and high-grade dysplastic nodules (HGDNs)--to advanced HCC. The molecular changes associated with this progression are unclear, however, and the morphological cues thought to distinguish pre-neoplastic lesions from well-differentiated HCC are not universally accepted. To understand the multistep process of hepato-carcinogenesis at the molecular level, we used oligo-nucleotide microarrays to investigate the transcription profiles of 50 hepatocellular nodular lesions ranging from LGDNs to primary HCC (Edmondson grades 1-3). We demonstrate..

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