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'Pompeius' Career from 79 to 70 BCE: Constitutional, Political and Historical Considerations


Klio | Walter de Gruyter | Published : 2009


Cn. Pompeius Magnus is undoubtedly best known for his great commands of 67 and 66 BCE and his subsequent role as ally, then enemy, of Iulius Caesar. Nonetheless, comprehensive scrutiny of Pompeius' track record from 79 to 70 BCE reveals that this was perhaps the most remarkable and ground breaking stage of his career. In 78, in the face of yet another civil war, the Senate charged Rome's first ever eques triumphalis with an independent propraetorian commission, under the auspices of the consul Q. Lutatius Catulus. In 77, Pompeius flatly ignored Catulus' direct orders to disband his army, eager to secure a major role in the war against Sertorius and his Spanish associates. After a long and ac..

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