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Of mice and men: the evolving phenotype of aromatase deficiency.

MEE Jones, WC Boon, J Proietto, ER Simpson

Trends in endocrinology and metabolism: TEM | Published : 2006


We are rapidly becoming aware of the importance of estrogen in maintaining virtually all facets of male health. In order for estrogens to be synthesized endogenously, the enzyme responsible for their synthesis from androgens, aromatase, must be functional. The seven known men in whom aromatase is nonfunctional all have a mutation in either exon V or IX of the CYP19 gene, which encodes aromatase. Collectively, these men are reported to have undetectable estrogen; normal to high levels of testosterone and gonadotropins; tall stature with delayed skeletal maturation and epiphyseal closure; osteoporosis; impaired lipid and insulin metabolism; and impaired reproductive function. The aromatase kno..

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