Journal article

The multi-layered regulation of copper translocating P-type ATPases

Nicholas A Veldhuis, Ann P Gaeth, Richard B Pearson, Kipros Gabriel, James Camakaris

BIOMETALS | SPRINGER | Published : 2009


The copper-translocating Menkes (ATP7A, MNK protein) and Wilson (ATP7B, WND protein) P-type ATPases are pivotal for copper (Cu) homeostasis, functioning in the biosynthetic incorporation of Cu into copper-dependent enzymes of the secretory pathway, Cu detoxification via Cu efflux, and specialized roles such as systemic Cu absorption (MNK) and Cu excretion (WND). Essential to these functions is their Cu and hormone-responsive distribution between the trans-Golgi network (TGN) and exocytic vesicles located at or proximal to the apical (WND) or basolateral (MNK) cell surface. Intriguingly, MNK and WND Cu-ATPases expressed in the same tissues perform distinct yet complementary roles. While intra..

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