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The zinc finger protein ras-responsive element binding protein-1 is a coregulator of the androgen receptor: implications for the role of the ras pathway in enhancing androgenic signaling in prostate cancer

Nishit K Mukhopadhyay, Bekir Cinar, Lipi Mukhopadhyay, Mohini Lutchman, Angeline S Ferdinand, Jayoung Kim, Leland WK Chung, Rosalyn M Adam, Subir K Ray, Andrew B Leiter, Jerome P Richie, Brian C-S Liu, Michael R Freeman



Androgen receptor (AR) plays an important role in normal prostate function as well as in the etiology of prostate cancer. Activation of AR is dictated by hormone binding and by interactions with coregulators. Several of these coregulators are known targets of Ras-related signals. Recent evidence suggests that Ras activation may play a causal role in the progression of prostate cancer toward a more malignant and hormone-insensitive phenotype. In the present study, we used a transcription factor-transcription factor interaction array method to identify the zinc finger protein Ras-responsive element binding protein (RREB-1) as a partner and coregulator of AR. In LNCaP prostate cancer cells, RRE..

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