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Comparison of round window and cochleostomy approaches with a prototype hearing preservation electrode.

Robert JS Briggs, Michael Tykocinski, Jin Xu, Frank Risi, Martin Svehla, Robert Cowan, T Stover, P Erfurt, Thomas Lenarz

Audiol Neurootol | Published : 2006


INTRODUCTION: Preservation of residual hearing in cochlear implant recipients has been demonstrated to be possible and provides the potential benefit of combined electric and acoustic auditory stimulation. A prototype 16-mm multichannel array has been designed to facilitate placement of 22 electrodes without damage to intracochlear structures. The electrode array is suitable for insertion via the round window membrane (RWM) or a small cochleostomy. AIM: To evaluate the insertion trajectory and the presence of trauma to intracochlear structures with the prototype electrode inserted by either the RWM or a scala tympani cochleostomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eighteen fresh frozen human temporal b..

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