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Obesity and adiposity are associated with the rate of patella cartilage volume loss over 2 years in adults without knee osteoarthritis

AJ Teichtahl, Anita Wluka, Y Wang, F Hanna, DR English, GG Giles, Flavia M Cicuttini

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases | BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2009


Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council

Awarded by NHMRC Public Health ( Australia)

Funding Acknowledgements

The Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study recruitment was funded by VicHealth and The Cancer Council Victoria. This study was funded by a programme grant ( 209057) and enabling grant ( 396414) from the National Health and Medical Research Council and was further supported by infrastructure provided by the Cancer Council Victoria. YW and AEW are the recipients of NHMRC Public Health ( Australia) fellowships ( NHMRC 465142 and 317840, respectively).