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China-Australia training on psychosocial crisis intervention: response to the earthquake disaster in Sichuan

Chee Ng, Hong Ma, Beverley Raphael, Xin Yu, Julia Fraser, Denghua Tang



OBJECTIVE: This paper describes the AusAID-funded psychosocial training program conducted jointly by Chinese and Australian mental health facilitators in the wake of the devastating earthquake disaster in Sichuan. CONCLUSIONS: A total of 280 professional and volunteer leaders in disaster mental health response from across China took part in the national disaster mental health training program. A comprehensive, evidence-based and practical program was collaboratively developed and delivered to meet the needs of the medical professionals and volunteer mental health workers working in the field. Results of the training evaluation indicated high levels of uptake and usefulness for the participan..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

The training was fully funded by an emergency relief grant from the Humanitarian Section, AusAID, Australian Government. The authors would like to acknowledge the following persons: Australian facilitators (Andrew Coghlan, Emergency Services Australian Red Cross and Robert Parker, Top End Mental Health Services, Northern Territory); Chinese officials and leaders (Bai Huqun, Guo Xiuqing, Cai Liqun, Shen Ruqun, Xiao Zeping, Zhang Wei); Chinese speakers (Huang Xuanyin, Guo Yanqing, Ke Xiaoyan, Cheng Wenhong, Zhou Dongfeng, Qian Mingyi, Du Yasong, Sun Xueli, Jia Xiaoming, Zhao Xudong, Fang Xin, Shan Chunchang, Zhang Tianbu, Hong Wei, Yang Yanchun, Hu Peicheng, Cao Yu, Peng Zongchao, Qi Jinyu, Wen Rongkang, Mao Wenjun, Wu Xianping, Song Wenzhen, Wang Xingchuan, Li Tong); group supervisors (Liu Huaqing, Ji Xuesong, Wang Xumei, Xie Ling, Zhang Bing, Qi Hong, Li Min, Yuan Yin, Chen Jing, Tan Youguo, Gao Chengge); administrative staff (Yue Li, Bronwen Merner, Margaret Goding); and all the Chinese training participants.