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Slot-waveguide cavities for optical quantum information applications

Mark P Hiscocks, Chun-Hsu Su, Brant C Gibson, Andrew D Greentree, Lloyd CL Hollenberg, Francois Ladouceur



To take existing quantum optical experiments and devices into a more practical regimes requires the construction of robust, solid-state implementations. In particular, to observe the strong-coupling regime of tom-photon interactions requires very small cavities and large quality factors. Here we show that the slot-waveguide geometry recently introduced for photonic applications is also promising for quantum optical applications in the visible regime. We study diamond- and GaP-based slot-waveguide cavities (SWCs) compatible with diamond colour centres e.g. nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect. We show that one can achieve increased single-photon Rabi frequencies of order O(10(11)) rad s(-1) in ultra-..

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Awarded by Victorian Government's Science, Technology Innovation

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Photon Design support for their assistance with FIMMWAVE simulations. This project is proudly supported by the International Science Linkages programme established under the Australian Government's innovation statement Backing Australia's Ability. The authors wish to also acknowledge the Victorian Government's Science, Technology & Innovation infrastructure Grants Program for the funding of this project Lambda DG and LCLH acknowledge the Lambda RC for financial support (Projects No. DP0880466 and No. DP0770715, respectively).