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Implementation of a gigabit per second millimetre wave transceiver on CMOS

B Yang, Y Mo, K Wang, Y Feng, B Wicks, C Ta-Minh, F Zhang, Z Liu, C Liu, G Felic, P Nadagouda, T Walsh, E Skafidas

The 2nd International Conference on Wireless Broadband and Ultra Wideband Communications, AusWireless 2007 | Published : 2007


Modern systems require transceivers that deliver gigabit speeds, are smaller in size, and have lower power consumption and cost. This motivates research to develop transceiver-on-chip and transceiver-in-a-package technologies. Recent advances in millimetre wave electronics have meant that significant portions of the system can now be integrated onto a single substrate or package. In order to achieve low costs and high digital integration CMOS is the process of choice as CMOS is the standard and a cost effective process for building digital circuits. Unfortunately compared to other much more expensive processes such as SiGe and GaAs, CMOS has greater process variability, lower carrier mobilit..

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