Journal article

Fish Responses to Experimental Fragmentation of Seagrass Habitat

Peter I Macreadie, Jeremy S Hindell, Gregory P Jenkins, Rod M Connolly, Michael J Keough

Conservation Biology | WILEY | Published : 2009


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank F. Warry, T. Smith, A. O'Brien, R. Watson, J. Ahern, H. Murphy, B. Loughman, G. Ryan, J. Brown, K. Baker, M. Wright, and J. Smith for field assistance, D. Ball for aerial photographs, D. Marshall and 3 anonymous referees for insightful comments on the manuscript, and the people of Roytal Enterprises for constructing ASUs. We are grateful for funding through an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (R.C., J.H., and G.J.), a CSIRO Postgraduate Award (P.M. with D. Smith), a Nancy Millis Postgraduate Research Award (P.M.), an Australian Society for Fish Biology Michael Hall Innovation Award (P.M.), a Holsworth Wildlife Foundation Grant (P.M.), and a Norman Wettenhall Foundation Grant (P.M.). All research was conducted under University of Melbourne Animal Ethics and Department of Primary Industries Fisheries permits. Research was conducted with the facilities of the Victorian Marine Sciences Consortium.