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Study of the influence of micro-oxygenation and oak chip maceration on wine composition using an electronic tongue and chemical analysis.

A Rudnitskaya, LM Schmidtke, I Delgadillo, A Legin, G Scollary

Analytica Chimica Acta | Published : 2009


The influence of micro-oxygenation (MOX) and maceration with oak chips treatments on wine was studied on wine samples from three vintages produced in the Yarra Valley, Australia. A full factorial design was employed where two factors (MOX and oak chips treatments) had two levels and one factor (vintage) had three levels. Three replicated treatments were run for each factor's setting. Wine samples were analysed using conventional laboratory methods with respect to the phenolic wine compounds and colour attributes since the phenolic fraction of wine is most affected by both MOX and oak maceration treatments. The same wine samples were measured with an electronic tongue based on potentiometric ..

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