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Treatment of constipation in adults associated with idiopathic megarectum by behavioural retraining including biofeedback.

T Mimura, T Nicholls, JB Storrie, MA Kamm

Colorectal Dis | Published : 2002


BACKGROUND: Constipation in adults associated with a grossly dilated rectum and recurrent faecal impaction, idiopathic megarectum, is rare. The aetiology of idiopathic megarectum is unknown, but may involve neuromuscular or behavioural factors. It is unknown whether the condition is reversible. This study aimed to determine the efficacy of behavioural therapy, including biofeedback, in such patients. METHODS: Six patients (4 female; median age 27) with a history of rectal faecal impaction and a grossly dilated rectum on radiological examination were evaluated by structured questionnaire before, immediately after biofeedback therapy, and on follow-up. Physiological testing was performed befor..

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