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Single dose intranasal immunization with ISCOMATRIX (TM) vaccines to elicit antibody-mediated clearance of influenza virus requires delivery to the lower respiratory tract

Megan T Sanders, Georgia Deliyannis, Martin J Pearse, Michael K McNamara, Lorena E Brown

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2009


The effectiveness of single dose, intranasally delivered vaccines comprising detergent-disrupted inactivated influenza virus (split virus) and ISCOMATRIX adjuvant was examined in mice. Vaccines formulated with adjuvant required 10- to 100-fold less split virus antigen to induce pulmonary protection following viral challenge when compared to vaccines containing split virus alone. Furthermore, those formulated with ISCOMATRIX adjuvant elicited specific antibody in serum, saliva, vaginal, nasal and lung fluids when delivered to the entire respiratory tract. No specific antibody was detected in serum or mucosal samples, however, when the same vaccines were delivered using a procedure that restri..

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