Journal article

Finite de Finetti theorem for conditional probability distributions describing physical theories

Matthias Christandl, Ben Toner

Journal of Mathematical Physics | AMER INST PHYSICS | Published : 2009

University of Melbourne Researchers


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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was carried out at the same time as related work by J. Barrett and M. Leifer. 14 We thank them for discussions, and especially for explaining how to define the trace distance. We thank R. Colbeck and R. Renner for discussions, G. Mitchison for valuable comments on the manuscript, and the organizers of the FQXi workshop Operational Probabilistic Theories as Foils to Quantum Theory, where part of this work was done. M. C. thanks the IQI at Caltech and CWI Amsterdam for their hospitality. This work was supported by a UK EPSRC Research Fellowship, Magdalene College Cambridge, NSF Grant Nos. PHY-0456720 and CCF-0524828, EU Projects SCALA (Grant No. CT-015714) and QAP (Grant No. CT-015848), NWO VICI Project No. 639023-302, and the Dutch BSIK/BRICKS project.