Journal article

Nano-manipulation of diamond-based single photon sources

E Ampem-Lassen, DA Simpson, BC Gibson, S Trpkovski, FM Hossain, ST Huntington, K Ganesan, LCL Hollenberg, S Prawer



The ability to manipulate nano-particles at the nano-scale is critical for the development of active quantum systems. This paper presents a technique to manipulate diamond nano-crystals at the nano-scale using a scanning electron microscope, nano-manipulator and custom tapered optical fibre probes. The manipulation of a approximately 300 nm diamond crystal, containing a single nitrogen-vacancy centre, onto the endface of an optical fibre is demonstrated. The emission properties of the single photon source post manipulation are in excellent agreement with those observed on the original substrate.


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge Dr. Sergey Rubanov for helpful discussions regarding the operation of the FIB/SEM based at the electron microscopy unit at the Bio21 institute. This project was supported by Quantum Communications Victoria, which is funded by the Victorian Government's Science, Technology and Innovation initiative. L. C. L. H. acknowledges the Australian Research Council for financial support Project No. DP0880466