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Analysis of a diverse global Pisum sp collection and comparison to a Chinese local P. sativum collection with microsatellite markers

Xuxiao Zong, Robert J Redden, Qingchang Liu, Shumin Wang, Jianping Guan, Jin Liu, Yanhong Xu, Xiuju Liu, Jing Gu, Long Yan, Peter Ades, Rebecca Ford



Twenty-one informative microsatellite loci were used to assess and compare the genetic diversity among Pisum genotypes sourced from within and outside China. The Chinese germplasm comprised 1243 P. sativum genotypes from 28 provinces and this was compared to 774 P. sativum genotypes that represented a globally diverse germplasm collection, as well as 103 genotypes from related Pisum species. The Chinese P. sativum germplasm was found to contain genotypes genetically distinct from the global gene pool sourced outside China. The Chinese spring type genotypes were separate from the global gene pool and from the other main Chinese gene pool of winter types. The distinct Chinese spring gene pool ..

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