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Effect of pump prime on acidosis, strong-ion-difference and unmeasured ions during cardiopulmonary bypass

F Liskaser, DA Story, M Hayhoe, SJ Poustie, MJ Bailey, R Bellomo

Anaesthesia and Intensive Care | AUSTRALIAN SOC ANAESTHETISTS | Published : 2009


We tested the hypothesis that a cardiopulmonary bypass prime with lactate would be associated with less acidosis than a prime with only chloride anions because of differences in the measured strong-ion-difference. We randomised 20 patients to a 1500 ml bypass prime with either a chloride-only solution (Ringer's Injection; anions: chloride 152 mmol/l) or a lactated solution (Hartmann's solution; anions: chloride 109 mmol/l, lactate 29 mmol/l). Arterial blood was sampled before bypass and then two, five, 15 and 30 minutes after initiating bypass. We used repeated measures analysis of variance to compare groups. In both groups, the base-excess and measured strong-ion-difference decreased marked..

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