Journal article

Acoustic hypersensitivity in adult rats after neonatal ventral hippocampus lesions

Carlos Eduardo Macedo, Marie-Josee Angst, Thierry Guiberteau, David Brasse, Terence John O'Brien, Guy Sandner



Rats with a bilateral neonatal ventral hippocampus lesion (NVHL) are used as models of neurobiological aspects of schizophrenia. In view of their decreased number of GABAergic interneurons, we hypothesized that they would show increased reactivity to acoustic stimuli. We systematically characterized the acoustic reactivity of NVHL rats and sham operated controls. They were behaviourally observed during a loud white noise. A first cohort of 7 months' old rats was studied. Then the observations were reproduced in a second cohort of the same age after characterizing the reactivity of the same rats to dopaminergic drugs. A third cohort of rats was studied at 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 months. In subsets o..

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