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Criteria for identifying jökulhlaup deposits in the sedimentary record

PM Marren, M Schuh

Megaflooding on Earth and Mars | Published : 2009


Summary A wide variety of sedimentary structures occur in modern jökulhlaup deposits and an important question arises when trying to identify jökulhlaup deposits in the sedimentary record: which sedimentary structures are distinctive of jökulhlaup deposition? A given sedimentary structure can be formed by more than one process, and in isolation cannot be used to distinguish a jökulhlaup deposit from those formed by other fluvial and flood processes. This chapter identifies those sedimentary structures that are thought to be unique or highly distinctive in jökulhlaups. Some structures are only formed by jökulhlaups in the proglacial environment, but can be found in other fluvial environments...

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