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SLC30A3 Responds to Glucose- and Zinc Variations in beta-Cells and Is Critical for Insulin Production and In Vivo Glucose-Metabolism During beta-Cell Stress

Kamille Smidt, Niels Jessen, Andreas Bronden Petersen, Agnete Larsen, Nils Magnusson, Johanne Bruun Jeppesen, Meredin Stoltenberg, Janetta G Culvenor, Andrew Tsatsanis, Birgitte Brock, Ole Schmitz, Lise Wogensen, Ashley I Bush, Jorgen Rungby



BACKGROUND: Ion transporters of the Slc30A- (ZnT-) family regulate zinc fluxes into sub-cellular compartments. beta-cells depend on zinc for both insulin crystallization and regulation of cell mass. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: This study examined: the effect of glucose and zinc chelation on ZnT gene and protein levels and apoptosis in beta-cells and pancreatic islets, the effects of ZnT-3 knock-down on insulin secretion in a beta-cell line and ZnT-3 knock-out on glucose metabolism in mice during streptozotocin-induced beta-cell stress. In INS-1E cells 2 mM glucose down-regulated ZnT-3 and up-regulated ZnT-5 expression relative to 5 mM. 16 mM glucose increased ZnT-3 and decreased ZnT-8 ex..

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