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Identity crisis: user perspectives on multiplicity and control in federated identity management

C Satchell, G Shanks, S Howard, J Murphy



Federated identity management systems synthesise complex and fragmented user information into a single entity. Literature from the provider's perspective notes this integration extends many benefits to the end user and the privileges provided by digital identity authentication schemes have been well documented from this perspective. Less explored are the perceptions of federation from the user's perspective. This study reports an empirical user study that examines the relationship between identity and technology using contextual interviews, focus groups and cultural probes. It emerges that while current federated systems satisfy user needs by allowing the construction of multiple digital dat..

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Awarded by Novell

Funding Acknowledgements

Thanks to all the participants in the empirical study and to Elizabeth Hartnell-Young for her assistance with the data collection. This work is part of a broader research programme involving chief investigators S. Howard, J. Carroll and G. Shanks, and is supported on behalf of Novell by J. Murphy. The research is funded by the Australian Research Council and Novell through Linkage Project LP0347459 'Humanising the Convergence of ICTs'.