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High-performance diamond-based single-photon sources for quantum communication

Chun-Hsu Su, Andrew D Greentree, Lloyd CL Hollenberg



Quantum communication places stringent requirements on single-photon sources. Here we report a theoretical study of the cavity Purcell enhancement of two diamond point defects, the nickel-nitrogen (NE8) and silicon-vacancy (SiV) centers, for high-performance, near on-demand single-photon generation. By coupling the centers strongly to high-finesse optical photonic-band-gap cavities with modest quality factor Q=O (104) and small mode volume V=O (λ3), these system can deliver picosecond single-photon pulses at their zero-phonon lines with probabilities of 0.954 (NE8) and 0.812 (SiV) under a realistic optical excitation scheme. The undesirable blinking effect due to transitions via metastable s..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council (ARC)

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank W. J. Munro, C. T. Chantler, A. Roberts, Z. W. E. Evans, A. M. Stephens, D. A. Simpson, and B. C. Gibson for helpful discussions, and F. M. Hossain for the figures of the NE8 and SiV structures in Figs. 1(c) and 1(d). We acknowledge the support of Quantum Communications Victoria, funded by the Victorian Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) initiative, the Australian Research Council (ARC), and the International Science Linkages program. A. D. G. and L. C. L. H. acknowledge the ARC for financial support (Projects No. DP0880466 and No. DP0770715, respectively).