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The Cr -D-2 cation complex: Accurate experimental dissociation energy, intermolecular bond length, and vibrational parameters

V Dryza, EJ Bieske

Journal of Chemical Physics | AMER INST PHYSICS | Published : 2009


The infrared spectrum of the T-shaped (52)Cr(+)-D(2) complex is measured over the 2742-2820 cm(-1) range by detecting Cr(+) photofragments. The main band, due to the D-D stretch excitation, is shifted at 215 cm(-1) to lower energy from the Q(0) (1) transition of the free D(2) molecule and displays clearly resolved rovibrational transitions. Observation of a photodissociation onset for the N(')=8 rotational level is used to infer that the dissociation energy of Cr(+)-D(2), with respect to ground-state Cr(+) and D(2) fragments, lies between 2839.7 and 2856.9 cm(-1). Perturbations to the upper state levels are presumed to arise from interactions with quasibound combination levels involving the ..

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