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Effect of a live Mycoplasma synoviae vaccine on the production of eggshell apex abnormalities induced by a M. synoviae infection preceded by an infection with infectious bronchitis virus D1466

A Feberwee, CJ Morrow, SA Ghorashi, AH Noormohammadi, WJM Landman



An experimental study was conducted to assess the effect of a live Mycoplasma synoviae vaccine (Vaxsafe MS; Bioproperties Pty Ltd, Ringwood, Victoria, Australia) on M. synoviae-induced eggshell apex abnormalities (EAA). Four experimental groups of specified-pathogen-free white laying hens were made. All groups were inoculated with infectious bronchitis virus D1466 at 18 weeks of age. One group did not receive further treatment (non-vaccinated non-challenged (NVNC)). Two groups were vaccinated at 14 weeks of age against M. synoviae, and one of these groups was also challenged with an EAA-inducing M. synoviae strain 5 days after infectious bronchitis virus challenge (vaccinated non-challenged ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Thea von Banniseht-Wysmuller for her technical assistance to this work. The work was funded by Bioproperties Pty Ltd. Funding to carry out vlhA-PCR HRM analysis and nucleotide sequencing was provided by the Australian Poultry Cooperative Research Centre.