Conference Proceedings

A framework for exertion interactions over a distance

F Mueller, S Agamanolis, F Vetere, MR Gibbs

Proceedings of the 2009 ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Video Games, Sandbox '09 | Published : 2009


Exertion games are an emerging form of computer games that aim to leverage the advantages of sports and exercise in order to support physical, social and mental health benefits. Despite the increased attention these games received recently, there is a lack of understanding of what role the game's design plays in encouraging people to invest physical effort into these games. We aim to contribute to this understanding by presenting a framework for "Exertion Interactions over a Distance", consisting of three core concepts: exertion, sociality and engagement. To demonstrate the usefulness of our framework we utilize a networked game called "Remote Impact" that encourages intense physical exertio..

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