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The additive value of patch testing with patients' own products at an occupational dermatology clinic

Dan Slodownik, Jason Williams, Kathryn Frowen, Amanda Palmer, Melanie Matheson, Rosemary Nixon



BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Patch testing with commercially available kits detects only 70-80% of relevant allergens in patients with contact dermatitis. This is not ideal, especially when occupational issues are being evaluated. This study analyses our data regarding reactions to patients' own products. METHODS: In a 5-year period, 1532 patients were assessed in our occupational dermatology clinic. RESULTS: We found that 101 patients (6.6%) reacted to their own samples. In 20 (1.3%) cases, reacting to their own samples was the only clue for detecting the responsible allergen. In 59 (3.9%) cases, testing with their own samples reinforced their reactions to commercial allergens. CONCLUSIONS: W..

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