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General Method for the Synthesis and Isolation of Well-Defined Core Cross-Linked Multistar Assemblies: A Route toward Enhanced pH-Responsive Polymers

Jing Fung Tan, Anton Blencowe, Tor Kit Goh, Irving Ted M Dela Cruz, Greg G Qiao



A general method for the synthesis of well-defined multistar assemblies (in which the stars contain cross-linked cores) involving the atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) of macroinitiators (MIs) and cross-linker with the use of telechelic macroinitiators (TMIs) as the connecting blocks is described. Isolation of each type of multistar assembly with a high degree of specificity was achieved via a simple fractional precipitation process. Selective degradation of the PMMA-based and P'BMA-based multistar assemblies into their individual star units via cleavage of the disulfide group within the connecting blocks confirmed the synthesis of well-defined, low-polydispersity PMMA-based trista..

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