Journal article

Spatio-Temporal Database Research at the University of Melbourne

Egemen Tanin, Rui Zhang, Lars Kulik

Sigmod Record | ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY | Published : 2009


Funding Acknowledgements

we would like to acknowledge the efforts of our students as well as our co-authors. In particular, we thank our students Sarana Nutanong, Muhammad Umer, Tanzima Hashem, Mohammed Eunus Ali, Hairuo Xie, Dana Zhang, Martin Stradling, Parvin Asadzadeh-Birjandi, Mei Ma, Pu Zhou, Elizabeth Antoine, and our research fellows Dr Jie Shao, Dr Xiaoyan Liu. We also thank our co-authors Professor Hanan Samet, Professor Elisa Bertino, Dr David Lomet, Professor Ben Shneiderman, Dr Aaron Harwood, Dr Dan Lin, and Dr Matt Duckham. We would like to acknowledge colleagues at the Department, in particular, Professor Rao Kotagiri for his mentoring and Associate Professor Chris Leckie for his valueable comments. Finally, we thank agencies Australian Research Council, A. E. Rowden White Foundation, and NICTA VRL for funding multiple grants and projects.