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Small field size dose-profile measurements using gel dosimeters, gafchromic films and micro-thermoluminescent dosimeters

CJ Wong, T Ackerly, C He, W Patterson, CE Powell, G Qiao, DH Solomon, R Meder, M Geso



The introduction of mini-multi-leaf collimators (MMLC) into radiotherapy has seen the use of smaller field sizes become increasingly important. Small field sizes that tightly conform to precise target regions are sought in radiotherapy to deliver doses with a high therapeutic ratio. MMLCs have made it possible to shrink field sizes in radiotherapy to below half a centimetre. The dosimetry of such fields with conventional dosimeters such as gas-ionisation chambers is not feasible due to limitations caused by the chambers relatively large size compared to the size of the collimated beam. In this work, the dose distribution of radiotherapy beams collimated to such small sizes were examined usin..

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Awarded by ARC

Funding Acknowledgements

This work is supported by an ARC-Linkage research grant LP0348841 and we would like to express our appreciation for the support the staff at the William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre.