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Obtaining the steady shear rheological properties and apparent wall slip velocity data of a water-in-oil emulsion from gap-dependent parallel plate viscometry data

Sabina Zahirovic, Alex S Lubansky, Y Leong Yeow, David V Boger



A two-stage Tikhonov regularisation procedure has been used to obtain rheological properties for a high internal phase emulsion from gap-dependent steady-state parallel plate shear data. This method is beneficial in that it can convert the steady shear data into rheological property functions. The built-in regularisation parameters of the method are able to keep noise amplification under control. The two-stage method is able to obtain not only the shear stress - shear rate function but also the apparent slip velocity as a function of wall shear stress. The method is such that it obtains the rheological functions over the maximum range of shear rate covered by the data. The results obtained u..

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