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Landmark survival as an end-point for trials in critically ill patients - comparison of alternative durations of follow-up: an exploratory analysis

Gopal Taori, Kwok M Ho, Carol George, Rinaldo Bellomo, Steven AR Webb, Graeme K Hart, Michael J Bailey

CRITICAL CARE | BMC | Published : 2009


INTRODUCTION: Interventional ICU trials have followed up patients for variable duration. However, the optimal duration of follow-up for the determination of mortality endpoint in such trials is uncertain. We aimed to determine the most logical and practical mortality end-point in clinical trials of critically ill patients. METHODS: We performed a retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data involving 369 patients with one of the three specific diagnoses (i) Sepsis (ii) Community acquired pneumonia (iii) Non operative trauma admitted to the Royal Perth Hospital ICU, a large teaching hospital in Western Australia (WA cohort). Their in-hospital and post discharge survival outcome was ..

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