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Wog Zombie: The De- and Re-Humanisation of Migrants, from Mad Dogs to Cyborgs

Nikos Papastergiadis

Cultural Studies Review | University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) | Published : 2009


This essay examines several contemporary articulations of the figure of the migrant, exploring both the stigmatic representations of this figure in the public imaginary, and migrants’ own personal self-identifications. I argue that as today’s increasingly complex flows of capital, people and information continue to erode both the sovereign authority of nation-states and the hitherto dominant codes of belonging, the figure of the migrant has undergone a series of reconfigurations. In its contemporary manifestations, the migrant figure has been imagined variously as a mechanical, animalistic, spectral, zombified, vampiric or cyborg entity. I contend that this series of images reveals a complex..

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