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Nitrous oxide and perioperative cardiac morbidity (ENIGMA-II) Trial: Rationale and design

Paul S Myles, Kate Leslie, Philip Peyton, Michael Paech, Andrew Forbes, Matthew TV Chan, Daniel Sessler, Philip J Devereaux, Brendan S Silbert, Konrad Jamrozik, Scott Beattie, Neal Badner, James Tomlinson, Sophia Wallace



BACKGROUND: Globally there are >200 million major surgical procedures undertaken annually, and about 20% of these involve patients who have coronary artery disease. Many receive nitrous oxide, which impairs methionine synthase, thus inhibiting folate synthesis and increasing postoperative homocysteine levels. Nitrous oxide anesthesia leads to postoperative endothelial dysfunction, and there is some evidence that it increases myocardial ischemia and, possibly, myocardial infarction. We have initiated the Nitrous oxide and perioperative cardiac morbidity (ENIGMA-II) Trial to test the hypothesis that in inpatients undergoing anesthesia for major noncardiac surgery, avoidance of nitrous oxide wi..

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